Tailor of Panama

For this multi-dimensional stunner, Toronto bar maven Jen Agg reaches for Panamanian rum.


1 1/2 oz. aged rum

3/4 oz. Lillet Blanc

½ oz. Cynar (or slightly less, to taste)

Oloroso sherry to wash

Tools: metal shaker tin, barspoon, pastry brush, strainer

Glass: rocks

Garnish: lemon peel


Combine the rum, Lillet and Cynar in a shaker tin and stir with ice cubes until well chilled. Using a pastry brush, paint sherry around the lip and inside a chilled rocks glass. Add a large ice cube. Strain the drink into the glass, then garnish, extracting lemon oil onto the surface of the drink before dropping the peel into the glass.


Jen Agg, The Black Hoof and Cocktail Bar, Toronto