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Spring Fever

Hot and iced teas for whatever weather the season brings.



Spring is always the season of unpredictable weather—today you might need a refreshing sipper to cool you down, while tomorrow it might time for something warm and soothing. We’ve got you covered. From smooth and minty to light and fruity, here are a few springtime teas that will help you beat the heat or fend off a chill, whatever the weather decides to bring.


White Blueberry from Zhi Teas
Light and delicate, this organic white tea is mixed with dried blueberries and blue malva flowers for subtle floral aromas complimented with just a trace of blueberry fruit. Soft, yet still complex, this tea is also chockfull of antioxidant power, which helps to ward off any early spring chills.
$12.50 for 1.4 oz,

Fujian White Peony from Urbanitea
Processed from spring’s first harvest, Urbantea’s Fujian white peony tea has delicate grassy aromas with flavorful notes of honeydew, sweet lemon and chamomile.
$9.50 for 1.5 oz,

Green Peace from Chad’s Chai and Tea
Get minty, Moroccan-style tea with a pot of Green Peace from South Carolina-based tea blender, Chad Morris. Full-leaf Chinese green tea is balanced with notes of organic spearmint and peppermint for results that are as soothing warm as they are refreshing iced.
$12 for 2.75 oz.,

Mao Jian “Hair Tip” from Teance
This unblended, hand-rolled, high-elevation green tea quickly made its way stateside thanks to San Francisco-based Teance. Wheatgrass flavors and a velvety viscosity are rich and enveloping all the way to the last sip.
$19.25 for 2 oz.,

Forever Spring from SerendipiTea
The name of this Taiwanese oolong from SerendipiTea truly says it all. Light almond flavors and notes of sweet cream and honey are rich, inviting and just as delicious hot or iced.
$14 for 4 oz.,





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