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Make Your Own Beer Advent Calendar

Assembling the ultimate beer-lovers’ box for counting down to Christmas is easy as 1, 2, 3.


Remember those chocolate-filled Advent calendars from Christmases past? We’ve got something better: the Beer Advent Calendar. With a quick trip to the bottle shop and a little handiwork, you can easily assemble a gift-worthy, suds-soaked Advent calendar that’ll make the countdown to Christmas extra delicious for your beer-loving pals. Here’s how:


Step 1: Gather materials.

What you’ll need:

An empty 24-pack beer or wine box, with dividers still in place. (Something similar to this. We found ours at a local wine warehouse).



Wrapping paper


Numbers (1-24)

Xacto knife



Step 2: Choose your brews.

Set a budget, pick a theme (winter seasonals, Euro imports or domestic micros) and get shopping—you have 24 bottles spaces to fill. Just keep in mind that space could become tight (depending on the size of your box and bottles), so limit your selection of bomber bottles or portly cans.


Step 3: Wrap it up.

You can be as creative (or not) as you want here—the finished design is ultimately up to you. To assemble, we glued along the top of the cardboard bottle dividers (after putting the bottles in place) and placed a layer of tissue paper on top (this secured a tissue top for each of the 24 bottle cubbies). Then we wrapped the entire box in holiday wrap, affixed numbers in a random order (one for each beer cubby) and cut a small slit at each beer slot to help guide the recipient for opening. Voilà—best beer gift yet!



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