Lankershim Fizz

Sherry adds a nutty, sweet layer of wintry nuance to this gin-spiked fizz.

1 1/2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. Pedro Ximenez Sherry
1/2 oz. simple syrup (1:1)
3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 fresh egg white (pasteurized if you like)
2 oz. club soda
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: Collins
Garnish: lemon peel (optional)

Combine all ingredients, except club soda, and dry shake for 10 seconds. Fill a shaker with ice cubes and shake for an additional 10 seconds. Strain into an ice-filled glass, top with soda and garnish.

Marcos Tello and Aidan Demarest for Bow & Truss, Los Angeles