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No. 15: September/October 2008



100 Best Places to Drink in America PREVIEW »

We tap into the best brews to be found coast to coast.


Rocking Out: The Hottest Iced Cocktails READ »

Think there’s nothing to ice but frozen water? Get ready to be schooled in cool.

RECIPES: Paloma and Queen's Park Swizzle


Single-Origin Espresso

Is single-origin espresso the crema of the crop or just a one-shot deal?


Blazing the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

On the trail of America’s spirit.

RECIPE: Angel's Share


The Dirt on Natural Wine READ »

Winemakers go beyond organic and biodynamic wines to a new frontier of viticultural purity.



Uncorked Drink news you can use.


Distilled Your questions, expert answers. Ask your own question to our drink experts here.


Gear The coolest wine chillers.


Taste-test A side-by-side comparison of pear brandies.


Dr. Cocktail Rediscovering vintage cocktails with Ted Haigh. READ »

RECIPE: Philadelphia Fish House Punch


Elements Don't be chicken about using egg in your next cocktail.

Characters Elba Copado breaks through barriers with her big, bold beers. READ »

Style Bunny love from Amy Adams.


Mix It Up Homemade apple cider.


Scene Scout Where to go now, from The Saint Social Club in Seattle to Time in Philadelphia.

Cravings Wine country flatbread with grapes and toasted walnuts.


Quench Playing with firewater in Costa Rica.



Cocktails Pisco Punch, Aspen Crud, Moscow Mule, Fish House Punch, Clover Club, Coffee Cocktail, Delicious Sour, Cachaça Aperitif, Picon Punch, Twenty Seventy Swizzle, Southside Fizz, Seelbach, Studebaker, Thoroughbred


Cravings Wine Country Flatbread


How-to Homemade Apple Cider