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No. 18: March/April 2009


Around the World in 20 Cups
The best, brightest and flat-out most interesting coffee happenings across the globe.

RECIPE: The St. Elizabeth

RECIPE: Café de la Mañana

RECIPE: Comfort Coffee

RECIPE: The Stumptown Vanilla Flip


New Moon Rising READ »

A new breed of moonshiners is making illicit spirits respectable.


Look Who's Coming To Dinner READ »

There's room at the table for beer, too.

BONUS: Get tips for hosting a beer-pairing dinner. »


Philly, No Cheese
One of America's oldest cities is donning a new sophistication.

BONUS: Cocktails and beer aren’t the only drinks garnering praise in Philly; coffee and tea are getting more attention, too. »

RECIPE: Marble Rye

RECIPE: Provençal Martini


The Return of the King
After decades spent in Chardonnay's shadow, Riesling is staging its comeback.



Uncorked Drink news you can use.

BONUS: Find out what makes wine kosher. »

RECIPE: Mark Bittman's No-Bake Brandied Fruit Tart

RECIPE: Mark Bittman's Squid in Red Wine Sauce


Dr. Cocktail Rediscovering vintage drinks with Ted Haigh.

BONUS: Learn more about the origins of the word cocktail. »


Distilled Your questions, expert answers. Ask your own question by clicking  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Taste-Test: Doppelbocks Double your fun with these seven brews.


Gear Poring over water-filtration pitchers.


Elements: Smoke Smoke is firing the imaginations of creative bartenders.

BONUS: Bartender Lance Mayhew talks shop about smoked spirits and cocktails. »

RECIPE: Smoked Bourbon Sour

RECIPE: John Daly


Characters How one family created their own crop-to-cup business model to save their family plantation. READ »


Style Ready-to-wear vintage liquor labels from Dust Design Co.


Mix It Up Wake up your tastebuds with homemade masala chai.


Scene Scout Where to go now, from Taverna Aventine in San Francisco to Mercury Coffee Bar in Detroit.


Cravings Blood oranges and white wine give steamed mussels some extra punch.


Quench The Badger State’s inexplicable love affair with brandy.



Cocktails Modern #2, Trinidad Sand, Theobrama, (Ye Olde) Croswell Cocktail, Quiet Forge, Smoke Riviera, The Beccaccino, The 6th Borough, Cordova Cocktail


Alcohol-Free Smoked Ginger Ale, Café de Olla


Cravings Honey-Espresso Glazed Scallops, Orange-Steamed Mussels with Tomatoes and Breadcrumbs

How-to Turkish Coffee, Masala Chai