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No. 20: July/August 2009

Summer Drinks Guide


The Living Is Easy

Eight great summer drink recipes that will help you swing through the season in style.

RECIPE: Champagne Whiskey Punch
RECIPE: Sleepyhead


Think Pink READ »

When the mercury makes its annual sweaty climb, it’s time to stop and smell the rosés.


Cold Comfort READ »
Iced tea makes everything cooler.

BONUS: Garden Variety: Make your own herbal teas

RECIPE: Tarragon Cooler
RECIPE: Shady Creek Cooler


Unsung Heroes
These five lesser-known beer styles will save you from the dog days of summer.


Citizen Cane
A sugarcane spirit associated with the underclass in a city obsessed with social status. In the battle for the Brazilian soul, who will win?

BONUS: Juicy Couture

RECIPE: Sake and Starfruit Caipirinha

RECIPE: Coconut Batidinha



Uncorked Drink news you can use.

BONUS: Q&A with Julie Powell


Dr. Cocktail Rediscovering vintage drinks with Ted Haigh.


Distilled Your questions, expert answers. Ask your own question by clicking  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Taste-Test We pucker up to seven lemonades to find the best.


Gear Which ice crushers survive the grind?


Elements: Honey Classic-minded bartenders are still sweet on honey. READ »


Characters Wall Street trader turned winemaker Jamie Kutch’s stock is rising.


Style Carol Pulitzer adds style to the lowly cocktail napkin.


Mix It Up How to make your own blackberry soda.


Scene Scout Where to go now, from The Amigo Room in Palm Springs, Calif., to Hop City in Atlanta.


Cravings Popsicles that make the fruits of summer even cooler.


Quench Traditional Spanish sidra adds sparkle to life.



Cocktails Pretty Pepper, Xiuhtecuhtli, Plum Dandy, Pineapple Julep, Penicillin, Brown Derby, Lonsdale, Loganberry Scramble, Chabela Cortez, Bourbon Belle, Kiwicha, VaVa Voom, English Afterthought, Santa Rosita, R&R, Cangibrina, Tangerine & Chili Caipirinha


Alcohol-Free The Scarecrow, Blue and Grey


Cravings Mango and Lime Popsicles, Watermelon Popsicles

How-to Hot-Brewed Iced Tea, Ice Infusion Iced Tea, Cold-Brewed Iced Tea, Blackberry Soda



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