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No. 30: March/April 2011


100 Best Places to Drink in the South

Your ultimate guide to the best of southern drinks, from Virginia to East Texas.
BONUS: Check out our sneak peek of which places made the list.
BONUS: Read about our favorite southern bar snacks.
RECIPE: Bufala Negra
RECIPE: The Midtown
RECIPE: Monk's Revenge
RECIPE: Sweet Tea Swizzle
RECIPE: Winter Waltz


Spirit of the South

In Kentucky's bourbon country, the history of American whiskey flows deep.
RECIPE: Old Fashioned
RECIPE: The Seelbach


Declaration of Vindependence READ »

Virginia wine has come a long way since Thomas Jefferson's viticultural experiments at Monticello.


Pop Culture
Southern sodas are fiercely local, uniquely delicious and undeniably cool.
RECIPE: Coca-Cola Cake
RECIPE: Drunken Sailor Cocktail



Uncorked A small-batch gin with a southern twist, where to find a perfect Mint Julep, and John T. Edge on eating and drinking his way through the South.
BONUS: A Q&A with New Orleans bartender and Mint Julep maestro, Chris McMillian.

RECIPE: Mint Julep

RECIPE: Quick Scuppernong Grape Jelly


Dr. Cocktail The story of a daring southern spectacle.
BONUS: How to make your own dandelion wine.


Distilled Ever wondered about the truth behind Hirsch whiskey's vanishing act? Curious about the best way to brew chicory coffee?  We’ve got answers. Ask your own question by clicking This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Taste-Test Old-fashioned rye whiskey captures contemporary tastes.
BONUS: Check out our bonus tasting of even more ryes.

RECIPE: Sazerac
RECIPE: Vieux Carré


Gear Koozies that'll keep your drinks cool and your hands dry.


Elements Iced tea cocktails are brewing up a storm. READ»

RECIPE: Jimmy Dean
RECIPE: Whiskey Tea Highball
RECIPE: Rum Cha-Yen


Characters Sergio Ribenboim has built a world of beer in the heart of bourbon country. READ»


Mix It Up Spruce up your next Bloody Mary with a garnish of homemade pickled okra.


Cravings A soulful chowder sings with a trifecta of southern flavors.


Quench A southern writer goes in search of a drink to call his own.



Cocktails Hibiscus 75, Dandelion Wine, Dandelion Wine Cobbler, The Long Stem Rose, The Sevillian, Titipu Pick, Smitty’s Grande Tea, Daisy if You Do,  Dogwood Tonic, 15th State Cocktail, The Copper Lantern, Cheerwine Cocktail #1, The Carlton, Strange Acquaintance, Cajun Bloody Mary

Cravings Spicy Pickled Okra, Memphis Country Ham and Corn Chowder

How-to Spicy Pickled Okra


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