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Learn tips, tricks and techniques covering the world of drinks. We add new episodes of Imbibe Sips regularly, so check back often. You can also subscribe to our drink videos on YouTube or via the podcast section of iTunes.



FEATURED EPISODE - Stirring Cocktails Featuring the Manhattan

Bartender Evan Zimmerman offers tips on choosing a barspoon and stirring cocktails.



Rimming Cocktail Glasses

Bartender Evan Zimmerman of Laurelhurst Market shows you how to properly rim a glass with salt and sugar.



How to Make a Classic Margarita

Bartender Evan Zimmerman demonstrates how to make a classic margarita.



How to Use a Boston Shaker

Bartender Evan Zimmerman shows the tricks to using a Boston shaker like a pro.


Muddling Cocktails

Bartender Evan Zimmerman offers tips for muddling and choosing a muddler.


The Old Fashioned

Jeffrey Morgenthaler prepares a quintessential classic: The Old Fashioned. Learn how to craft this simple, yet flavor-packed cocktail with Jeff's tips and this Old Fashioned recipe.





The Hemingway Daiquiri

In this episode, Jeffrey Morgenthaler demonstrates how to make Ernest Hemingway's favorite daiquiri.


The Corpse Reviver #2

In this episode, bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler makes a classic Corpse Reviver #2.


Shaking vs. Stirring Cocktails

Jeffrey Morgenthaler talks about the difference between shaking and stirring your cocktails. After you've watched, get the recipes for two classics, the Sidecar and the Manhattan, to practice what you've learned.





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