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Coffee Coffee, Buzz Buzz

Looking to enjoy your favorite coffee without the heat? Try a cool coffee cocktail.


In the height of summer, a hot cup of coffee isn't exactly the most appealing proposition, but fortunately there are plenty of ways to chill out with your favorite brew as the mercury rises, including, of course, coffee cocktails—the cold variety. You can use your favorite hot-brewing method and then chill your coffee for cocktails, or you can use a cold-brew method or even use one of the bottled coffee options on the market. Whatever your method, we're pretty sure cold coffee cocktails are just what your summer ordered. Here are five to try.


The Beccaccino

Bartender Murray Stenson puts his own twist on this Seattle bar classic.


Francis the Mule

This cocktail puts coffee in a great supporting role, bolstering and balancing the other ingredients with its ninja-like acidity.



Black Forest

This drink has a deliciously nutty chocolate stout flavor. It looks the part too, pouring a pretty medium-brown color with a nice tan head.


South of No North Cocktail

This coffee cocktail combines an African coffee with the smokiness of tequila and the earthiness of Cynar to delicious results.


White Russian

The addition of fresh coffee gives this classic vodka cocktail and added depth and richness that's just right.





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